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stop smokingSTOP SMOKING NOW!

Its NOW time for YOU to quit smoking permanently with the help and guidance of Stop Smoking expert Jonathan Gilchrist, and you are probably looking for the best method to use.
You have found it – This is it !

YOU know that if YOU stop smoking YOU will save many thousands of  pounds but the most important –
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The Consequences of Smoking – Years of Smoking

Over my  years in practice as a Master Hypnotherapist in Europe. I have seen and heard just about everything that can happen, health wise, to smokers and I have listened to them describing their symptoms to me. The human body can protect itself and eventually recover from many severe and emotional problems that are related to smoking .However, after about 20 years the body cant cope….Click Here to read more

stages of smokingThe Three Stages of Smoking a Cigarette

Below is a picture of a cigarette split into 3 parts with explanations for each third of it smoked. Stage 1 First 3rd After the first few inhalations of a cigarette the serious harm has begun. Smoke has to travel through the entire …. Click here to read more


Smoking and Health Issues

Smoking is the biggest cause of ill health and premature death in the U.K. by claiming well over 120,000 lives per year. Smoking being the cause of one third of all cancer deaths (40,000 and 82% being lung cancer). I have produced this list to highlight the main deadly ingredients a cigarette contains. Click here to read more…..


benefits of stopping smokingThe Benefits From Stopping Smoking

When you permanently stop smoking, the benefits begin within minutes of your last cigarette smoked. Immediately: The air around you is no longer harmful to people around you. 20 minutes after you quit: Your blood pressure and pulse rate decrease and your body temperature of your hands and feet increase. 8 hours: Carbon monoxide and oxygen….Click here to read more…..