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Overcome Interview Nerves using Fast Track Hypnosis hypnotherapy with Jonathan Gilchrist

Most people, understandably, feel nervous going to job interviews and having to give the best display of themselves in front of total strangers. They want to be able to speak clearly and with complete confidence.
I would hear from clients who have previously done badly at an interview is; “they knew they were the best for the job, but they lost the position / promotion because their nerves let them down”.Obviously no one can expect to succeed in an interview if they haven’t prepared practically for it! ( which no one can do for them, except themselves)While getting the chance to attend an interview in the first instance may be difficult enough, actually succeeding at the interview and being able to project themselves far better than all of the other competition is the main target.

Gain interview confidence with hypnotherapy.

The secret to a successful interview is for the person to remain calm and relaxed enough to show the interviewer/s just what they can really do, and when the interview has concluded they know they had done their very best. Even if they don’t get the job, they will have learned something very productive from the experience and this can be used for any future interviews that they may do. They will have performed better at that interview than they ever did previously.

Jonathan holds “Successful Interviews” Fast Track Hypnosis sessions in (NI)

Many people go through their lives in an unfulfilling job because they are too scared of an interview.

This could be for many reasons such as;

  • Total lack of confidence
  • Suffering panic attacks when in an enclosed environment.Prices 1 euro
  • Frightened  of being the centre of attention.
  • Unable to completely settle into the interview.
  • Unable to recall facts and figures relevant to the job.
  • There is another colleague interviewing them.
  • Having previously done a poor interview.
  • Complete Lack of belief in themselves.
  • Facial Blushing. (see my section on blushing).

At or before an Interview some people can experience some of the following;

  • Uncontrollable shaking.
  • Inability to answer a question, lost for words or stammering.
  • A feeling of nausea or unsteadiness.
  • A very dry mouth.
  • Feeling Butterflies in the stomach.
  • Feeling that they are about to faint or actually fainting.
  • Blushing or feeling that they are about to.

The Fast Track Overcome Interview Nerves normally completed in only one session, ( this however, depends on the severity of the problem) 

The Session
 –  the person is placed under hypnosis and negative thoughts about the job interview are replaced with positive suggestions e.g. They are much more calmer and confident, they speak clearly, speak well, etc.

If the problem is more deep rooted

The process may then take up to 4 depending on the response and commitment from the client. (This is opposed to the “1000 hour analysis ” methods used by psychologists, conventional Hypnotherapists, etc.) It is impossible to be totally accurate as to how many sessions are required due to the differences in clients, however with the use of Fast Track Hypnosis it dramatically speeds up the whole process.

CDs are  provided to reinforce the ongoing results as they progress. Finally clients are taught auto hypnosis to give  themselves positive suggestions without the need for CDs and  they can apply them before and during their interview.

Fees  €85.00 per session


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