Lose Weight Hypnosis and Weight Control

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Since you are reading this section of my web site you’ve probably decided it’s time for you to lose weight by Hypnosis or the Gastric Band Hypnosis . A lot or a little, it doesn’t really matter. What’s important is your decision. Your decision shows you want to become healthy and fit once again, and this your way to do it!

Too many people confuse HUNGER with APPETITE. HUNGER is a real need – APPETITE is a habit. THE TWO ARE NOT THE SAME! Appetite is provoked by suggestion while hunger is the message we send to our brain whenever the body needs essential nourishment.

There are various reasons why a person can be overweight:
People with a medical condition or some other physical problem then hypnosis may not be the solution and medical help should initially be sought.

People who overeat because of early programming by parents. How many times were you told “eat it all up and you will grow up to be a big healthy adult” or “think of all the starving people in the world and you’re leaving that on your plate”.

People who overeat by comfort eating.
Again by programming from early years, “don’t cry, here is a piece of chocolate, when you eat it you will feel better”.

People who overeat because of emotional problems.
In the case of these people their overeating habits go deeper than the previous ones, therefore the actual problem would have to be addressed and corrected.

The goal is to help you to change your relationship with food for good, and to help you change the way you see and feel about yourself with Fast Track Hypnosis.