Stop Nail Biting with Fast Track Hypnosis

stop nail biting hypnosis

Nail biting is a very common habit, particularly with children, and there are many reasons why a person bites their nails, the skin around them, or picks their fingers. Most nail bitingcases start during childhood and becomes a habit, and may continue to be a problem as the person grows up. People who bite nails find they often do it whilst completely unaware of what they are doing; it has become an unconscious habit. Now you can stop nail bitingusing Fast Track Hypnosis.

The habit may have started due to:Prices 1 euro

  • Nerves, tension or anxiety
  • A habit from early years
  • Being copied from parents
  • Using it to relieve stress

Whatever the reason a person has for starting to bite their nails it can be made worse by stress or anxiety.

There are many reasons why they want to stop.

  • It is annoying to their partner.
  • Their fingers/nails are now going to be on show e.g., they may be getting married and are having their rings photographed, etc.
  • Embarrassment.
  • Some nail biters indulge in their habit with such intensity that they are constantly biting them down to the quick, causing them to bleed, and resulting in severe pain and discomfort.

If the biter does persist doing this it can result in.

  • Split and fractured nails.
  • Bleeding and scaring around the nails.
  • Deformed nails
  • Infections ( in the nails and possibly the mouth and/or gums)

The are many methods people will try to quit biting their nails such as putting sticking plasters over the tops of their fingers, wearing gloves, applying “stop biting nail polish” and much more! In the end it all comes down to will power and retraining the mind to treat the nails with the respect that they deserve and to care for them correctly.

Fast Track Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy is ideal to help the client to stop nail biting.

Nail Biting or Picking is the only treatment that I automatically give a follow up session to free of charge.

This is due to the fact that the client will not see any immediate results at the end of the first session. Their nails are exactly the same length at the end of the session as they are at the start!

On occasions I have had clients phoning me two or three days after the session to tell me that their nails haven’t grown yet, even though they are no longer biting them!

I have to emphasise to them that it takes time for their nails to grow!

Nail biting and finger picking are habits that are quite easy to treat using Fast Track Hypnosis, regardless of the number of times the client ‘decided’ to stop by himself or herself and failed!

The simple reason for this is that in the past they made a conscious decision to quit biting for what is, in actual fact, a subconscious action.

Nail biting is ‘unconscious’ – some people do it without even noticing. So when they make a ‘conscious’ decision to stop nail biting or picking, it rarely succeeds – that is why Fast Track Hypnosis can help.

Fast Track Hypnosis is ideal for helping people who want to stop biting their nails or picking them once and for all! It can help change their behaviour patterns, and make the choice to stop nail biting a very real one.

By tapping into the subconscious and putting in positive suggestions the client then no longer wants to bite or pick them, the habit then disappears.

A CD is also provided to reinforce all the suggestions that are given on the session….

The final result is the client enjoys healthier nails.

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