Stop Blushing using Fast Track Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy

conquer blushing hypnosis

Its strange that blushing always tends to appear on the parts of the body that other people can see, i.e. the face and the neck and not on the unseen parts!

I have heard so many sad stories of how blushing has affected a persons life. People have cancelled their wedding, left their job, or even their partner because of it, some have even moved abroad to have a permanent suntan, but the “burning feeling” that comes with the blushing still remains. If you are a blusher then providing there are no medical reasons* for your condition, then hypnosis is an ideal way of to help you to overcome it.

*For example, Rosacea, which is a chronic progressive skin disorder that affects more than five million men and women in Britain*

The sessions are designed to instil confidence, general well being and overcoming nervousness and the blushing. You will also be provided with CDs and taught autohypnosis so that you can use it in any new situation that you may encounter.

The end result of all this is, although there may still be occasions whenever you do blush, such as if you were to trip over something, or someone tells you a rude joke. That is acceptable, but what is not acceptable is whereby you are constantly thinking, and being controlled by it 24 hours per day, every day of your live.

The process normally takes approximately 4 sessions depending on the response and commitment from you as opposed to longer methods used by psychologists, conventional Hypnotherapists ( up to 15 sessions ), etc. It is impossible to be totally accurate of how many sessions are required due to the differences in clients, but with the use of Fast Track Hypnosis it dramatically speeds up the whole process.

Fees €85.00 per session


Fear of blushing, eureuthophobia, usually goes hand in hand with the phobia of being stared at, scopophobia, which in turns encompasses the feeling of social disgrace. The person is scared of making a fool of themselves and going red in front of other people. Blushers are usually tense and nervous in situations with other people. Once they feel themselves starting to blush they start to panic, which increases the blushing even more!

Blushers can, and do go to extreme lengths to try to cover up this devastating phobia.

Men who suffer from it can grow a beard to disguise it. Women can’t do this so they resort to other methods. They may overdo on the make up, or sit under sun lamps to have a permanent tan, simply to disguise the fact that they feel people can see them blushing (in actual fact it is very rare that they can).

Other methods sometimes used may be to wear their hair over their face (like the old pageboy look). If they feel that they are blushing around their neck they will wear polo neck jumpers. Some keep their hand up to their chin, or twiddle with a necklace while talking. If they are going out for a night they will sit under dim lights, in a place generally near the door, just in case they have to make a hasty exit.

An unusual phenomena that some blushers may develop can be nasal problems, allowing them to conveniently keep a handkerchief around their nose!

Some months ago I came to see you about a blushing problem. I noticed a difference from day one in my confidence and how relaxed I was. I once dreaded going out of the house, now I love to take part in everything. My family say they will have to send me back to you to shut me up – cause I do nothing but talk now!

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