Overcome your phobia easily with Fast Track Hypnosis

phobia hypnosis

If you have developed a phobia then I can help.

A phobia is an anxiety disorder characterised by a totally irrational fear of people, places, animals, objects or a potential situation. How a phobia can affect an individual can vary greatly, and can cause severe disruption to a persons life . It may be that you prefer to try to ignore it, to whereby your heart starts beating very fast, perhaps a feeling of sickness, dryness of the mouth, tension, becoming breathless, to even a feeling of fainting or actual fainting.

A phobia can take over your life completely.

You are constantly thinking about it and may create scenarios in your mind of how you can avoid the phobic situation. Even if you do have to face it, how are you going to react at that time, or will you make a complete fool out of yourself, etc. The list is endless! Put simply, a phobia is an outward projection of an internal anxiety. It can be created in many ways such as in severe stress, a single event, excessive anxiety caused by a recurring experience, or maybe by a past trauma

Various methods that can be used to overcome a phobia using hypnosis

Regression therapy (not past life regression) You are regressed to try to locate the origin of your phobia and to understand what the circumstances were that created it, and then remove the anxiety associated with it. This can take quite a few sessions to achieve using standard Hypnotherapy and there is no guarantee that you will find it.

Fast Track Suggestion Therapy

Fast Track Hypnosis is ideal in helping a person overcome their phobia and in a very short space of time. I prefer to use the latter method, Fast Track Suggestion Therapy, as in my opinion it is much faster and a more effective way of dealing with any phobia.

Positive suggestions are implanted into the subconscious mind to counteract your fears and alter the perception of your particular phobia. Fast Track Hypnosis allows you to train your mind to react differently in response to your fears. Soon you will laugh at how silly those fears were with the use of Fast Track Hypnosis!.

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Whenever I am talking to a client for the first time I like to explain the Fast Track Hypnosis method further. I use the example of someone who watches a horror film on television, their conscious mind sees the image, and their subconscious mind reacts towards this image making the viewer become frightened. Obviously the image is totally unreal as it is only projected onto a piece of glass.

The conscious mind sees a image (real or imagined) such as a spider, and the subconscious reacts towards the image, taking it totally out of proportion thereby causing a feeling of panic. Using the calming effects of Fast Track Hypnosis the subconscious mind is allowed see the phobia in a very funny way. The theory behind this is quite simple, by laughing at your phobia, you can not be frightened of it, and if you are not frightened of it, it goes away.

The process normally takes approximately 4 sessions depending on the response and commitment from you, as opposed to much longer methods used by psychologists , conventional Hypnotherapists, etc. It is impossible to be totally accurate as to how many sessions are required due to the differences in clients, but with the use of Fast Track Hypnosis it dramatically speeds up the whole process.


CDs are also provided to reinforce your ongoing results as you progress and finally you are taught self-hypnosis to give positive suggestions to yourself in any new situations that you may encounter.

Fees €85.00 per session  (The process normally takes approximately 4 sessions )

A – Z Phobias

Over the years I have compiled a list of phobias and their names. It may surprise you to know that my list now extends to over 500 and it is still growing. Two that I have successfully treated but as yet have found no name for, a phobia of hair remover and plastic spiders. I have listed the following phobias in alphabetical order for your convenience.

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